Can You Market Traditional Values Without Picking a Fight?

Traditional Values. Culture Wars. Cancel Culture. These three phrases often get lumped together to the point where an argument for values can morph into disdain for culture. At other times, schools that want to boast of traditional values shy away, afraid to “take on” public schools.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Many Catholic schools are finding creative ways to promote values that most parents want- traditional families, right from wrong and the place of faith in a young person’s life. Yes, you can promote the very qualities that make us Catholic without necessarily picking a fight with public schools.

One school, Holy Family School in Nazareth, PA uses the following lawn sign for its marketing:

Another example of the promotion of traditional values was found at St. John Vianney School in Allentown, PA. You’ll notice in the lobby, behind my photo with the principal, a beautiful “family tree” that displays the photos of the teachers. Parents appreciate this and welcome it, a sign that we’re in this together, helping our kids grow in Christ.

However your school promotes traditional values, do it well and do it often. The values that make our schools special can become like the DNA of everyday life.