Why Cohort Learning is So Effective

Fr. Mark Searles, present with our new principal cohort.

When I was a young teacher, I “had to” attend a new educator series of meetings. Around six of us would meet with the principal each month, covering a variety of topics from school culture to work-life balance to best practices in teaching.

Over time, I grew to appreciate these meetings. The content was useful but the company was where the real value was found. We came to rely on one another and formed a professional community within the broader school faculty.

In the Diocese of Allentown, we are going through this same process in a variety of ways. Our elementary principals gather regularly for curriculum and assessment formation. High school principals also meet, discussing a range of issues particular to the grade 9-12 experience. These types of groupings, i.e. cohorts, are essential for professionals in Catholic schools.

Earlier this week, our newest principals had their second meeting of the year. My presentation on Servant Leadership can be found here.