The Value of Keeping it Simple and a Labor Day Tribute

I received an email a few months ago from a staffer at Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire apostolate. They had some excess Word on Fire Bibles and wondered if college students could benefit.

The answer was an obvious “yes”!

We then brainstormed the various ways that we could share the news with hundreds of campuses. Believe it or not, the process was remarkably simple:

  • Copy for an email + a Google Form

That was all that Word on Fire needed and the results are in: tens of thousands of college students will be receiving beautiful Word on Fire Bibles this year. Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best ones.

In Gratitude to a Catholic Gentleman

This week marks the final chapter in a historic 43 year career within the Diocese of Allentown for Dr. Phil Fromuth, the 4th Superintendent of Schools. Earlier today, I wrote the following to our principals:

I’ve never heard Phil speak badly of someone. He is loyal to the absent, a sign of his character. Phil sees the good in individuals and in schools. He knows that Catholic schools rely on the good will, fierce heart and deep faith of those in service to students. 

A true son of the Church, Phil has an encyclopedic mind and a sincere love for the Church. Instead of using his vast knowledge to impress, his ability to recollect details and moments is a tool which informs decisions in the current moment. It’s extraordinary. 

When Phil and I first discussed the transition time between his term and mine, he described the role of Superintendent as that of “servant leadership”. While many see this phrase as trendy, Phil meant what he said. His legacy is a testament to being a servant first and to practicing what Pope Francis often calls “accompaniment”, the art of walking alongside others.

I’m honored to succeed Phil and have cherished our time together.