What St. Maximilian Kolbe Teaches us About Prayer

Today, August 14, the Church honors St. Maximilian Kolbe, a priest who offered his life for another man during World War II. Kolbe was known to be an incredibly prayerful man, starting his day with a Bible and a globe of the world.

It’s said that Kolbe would pray over the globe, interceding for various countries and peoples.

How do you pray for your school, your teachers and your students?

When I was a head of school in New Jersey, I would start each academic year with a special tradition. On the first day of classes, I would arrive extra early in order to walk the halls and pray for my students. As my hand would brush up against lockers, I would intercede for my students.

-for these new freshmen, that they might find a place of belonging

-for the teachers who will bring their energy and wisdom to their students

-for the twins in 11th grade who don’t always see eye to eye

-for the seniors as they finish their final year with us

And on and on I would go, walking and praying. It became my favorite prayer tradition of the year.

It’s said that we “transmit to others the state we are in”. When it comes to prayer, this is certainly true.